You have a story.

We want to hear it.

A real story. One that reaches up into the throat and tells the reader that they were there, no shit, with you, as the events unfolded. Are you an 80 year old rheumatic widowed mother to two stillborn children who lives on a failing dairy farm in Minnesota? Tell it. Did you come to the country in the back of a panel van, thirsty, filthy, and destined to work in the vast verdure of the San Joaquin valley? Inform us. Are you a lonely, obese, and slightly ugly marine biologist afloat a research vessel in the South Pacific who geeks out on the iridescent algae that swarm the waters there? Engage.

Your life is bizarre, transcendent, fleeting, and absurd. Tell us it. Make us weep but please, only send previously unpublished material and wait until we reply to your submission before submitting again.
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