Here's the deal, wordslingers.  We are interested in fiction that kicks a motherfucker in the face.  If your fiction does not grab the reader by the collar, pull them close, and say, "Listen to me you sonofabitch," then it likely does not fit our vision.  Remember the last time you read a short story and the only response you could muster was to close the book and chew on the corner for a couple of minutes?  That.  We want transcendence.  We want capital A art.  We want something that scars the reader in a way they can only describe as surprisingly inevitable.  Send us the things that you know break hearts in half with earthquake force.  Don't overwhelm us with words, give us the right words (right now we don't have a limit, but know that we will stop reading when it doesn't matter to us anymore).  If you meet this criteria, we will be unbelievably glad we connected with you.
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